Novick Biosciences

Process Research & Development

Novick Bio provides Pharmaceutical Process Research & Development solutions for the synthesis of API’s, HPAPI’s and NCE’s (Oncology, CNS etc.,) up to multi kilogram-scale (kilo lab/pilot plant). Services include synthesis and scale-up of Clinical candidates and compounds for Pre-Formulation Research & Development.

Novick Bio possesses a team of highly skilled and trained Process Development group with strong background of Identifying Non-Infringing Strategies, Route Scouting & Validation, Yield Improvisation and excellent purification techniques. The Process Research & Development collaboration with Novick Bio certainly shortens the timelines in resolving and identifying key aspects during their Drug Development Programs for Large Pharmaceutical Organizations and Academics.

  • Route scouting, validation & yield improvisation
  • Scheme modification to use cost effective reagents
  • Development of Non-Infringing strategies & process optimization
  • Shortening of schemes for API’s, HPAPI’s and NCE’s
  • Synthetic demonstration
  • Scale-up (Kilo Lab/Pilot Plant)