Novick Biosciences

Our Advantages

Respect for IP

Our customers research and business IP protection is our utmost priority and we maintain all significant measures to adhere to the highest levels of data and confidentiality.

  • Our customers retain all rights to IP developed under contract.
  • Improve overall range of IP coverage for through exploration of uncharted regions of research and development space.
  • Respect the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of all its clients, partners and competitors.
  • Do not infringe any process or product.
  • Conduct periodic Intellectual Property Audits for effective IPR management and monitoring.
  • Global standards are practiced for the confidentiality of documentation and data with all employees signing a binding Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement.

Project Management

Novick Experienced and dedicated project Management team responsible for end to end project planning and successful executions.

Our key elements of successful program management include:

  • Resource Management – For every project plan, will allocate all adequate resources as per project design and will ensure to apply those resources for that exclusive project.
  • Timeline Management – Realistic timelines are provided to customer and we always strive to deliver the project within the timelines.
  • Communication Management – Accurate and timely communication between teams and customers to ensure seamless and real-time access of all project information.
  • Report Management – Every weekly report provided as per experimental protocols and final reports includes description of all experimental details along with recorded data.
  • Weekly updates: Weekly or bi-weekly updates (Teleconferences/WebEx) as per customer requirements and minutes of meetings provide along with action plans.


Integration of Global Quality Standards for each phase of research and development program life cycle is our constant priority and we strongly believe this practice is our key of success.

  • Adherence to Quality Agreements
  • Stringent and systematic controls on data generation
  • Periodical trainings on quality improvement systems
  • We perform each and every study with a commitment to the highest levels of honor and reliability
  • Scientific approach in investigation of deviations/OOS and customer complaints leading to a conclusive CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions)
  • All SOPs, protocols/study plans, draft and final reports are reviewed by QAD (Quality Assurance department) and QAD statements are issued
  • Striving for Highest level of scientific and operational excellence with focus on quality


Customer Centricity

It is a function that focuses on the customer and what it takes to move beyond the reactive and into the proactive mode of operation – looking at ways to improve processes, communications, and project management. Thus, we are not only able to better understand and predict customer needs, but are also able to implement and leverage solutions that allow for automated and prompt insights about entire customer segments.

Environmental Health & safety (EHS)

Our EHS policy clearly communicates the organization’s aspirations as below:

We are committed to protecting the environment and actively seek to identify means of minimizing water use, energy use & waste generation.

We adopt the concept of Green Chemistry through selection of best synthetic route. Raw materials are carefully vetted so as to minimize potential hazards.

We show utmost care for our associates and continually endeavour to provide a safe and healthy workplace. It is understood that attaining safety excellence requires the consistent focus and attention of every associate. We nurture employee awareness through periodical training programs based on internal training assessment exercises and implemented as part of an annual training plan.

  • Execute Process safety by implementing safety systems at all sites greener and healthier work place
  • Enhance awareness, knowledge and skills of employees towards a safe, clean, greener and healthier work place
  • Facilities are equipped with fire detection and notification systems
  • Facilities are equipped with firefighting systems
  • Workplace emission monitoring carried out and periodical health check-up of associates
  • Training session for the new joiners before assigning any lab work
  • Onsite emergency and business contingency plan
  • Organizing regular mock drills