Novick Biosciences

Our Recent Project Highlights

Medchem project

Novick developed cost effective novel routes to synthesize various substituted pyrazole acrylamides and sulfonamides ~175 targets within 8 weeks for a focused library synthesis. This requirement was for one of our Europe based drug discovery unit

Custom Synthesis Project

Novick successfully developed novel synthetic routes and delivered 3 synthons (~25g each) of complex heterocyclic moiety containing 8-9 synthetic steps each for one of our Germany based client within 11 weeks. In this project, for one of the synthon, expensive trifluoromethoxy substituted hydrazine was prepared in house in order to reduce the overall project costs.

Process Development Project

Novick delivered a drug candidate consisting of 9 synthetic steps for toxicological studies for one of our US based pharma client. The foremost challenges were to increase low yields (from 60% to 89%) in one of the step (Suzuki cross coupling) and reduce the toxic metal contents as per ICH guide lines. The drug candidate was synthesized as per specification and delivered successfully within 4 months.