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Novick Biosciences offers a wide range of standalone and integrated drug discovery services, with core expertise in synthetic, medicinal and process chemistry

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Formulation R&D

Novick Biosciences provides state-of-the art facilities and capabilities to deliver integrated pharmaceutical drug development services

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Home Development


Novick Biosciences offers comprehensive range of analytical services using state-of-the art facilities and efficient analytical team to support discovery and development teams.

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Why Novick Biosciences

State of the Art Infrastructure

Highly Skilled Researchers

Adherence to the Time~lines


Life@Novick Biosciences

When it comes to new drug development and discovery, Novick Biosciences is fast becoming the most preferred contract research organization and a strategic research partner for numerous pharmaceutical companies across the world. We nurture talent and passion for innovation, and research. At Novick, you would have all the opportunities to widen your horizons, and carve a niche career for yourself. Come join the team of avant garde researchers.

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